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Pi2R Micro - Geyser Robot Conversion

Pi2R Micro - Geyser Robot Conversion

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Pi2R Micro Manual

What is Pi²R?

Reuse existing element & thermostat

The Pi²R is an innovative new technology that feeds your existing electrical geyser with two power sources ie. AC grid power and DC PV power. No need for backup batteries, the PV is directly fed into the geyser when available and essentially stored inside the geyser as heat energy.
The Pi²R does not feed your AC Element with DC power. DC is converted to a modified wave which is safe to use in the existing element and thermostat. This modified wave form enables the thermostat to switch power on and off as if it were normal AC power.

There is no need to replace the element or thermostat having the following benfits:

  • Lowers installation cost
  • Easy installation
  • Readily available spare parts
  • Works on any generic water tank

What options are available?

SANS Compliant

Firstly there is the cheaper, lower spec Micro model. Then there is the more expensive full spec iX with optional Display. Lastly the optional Display enables internet and APP connectivity to the iX.

Different Pi²R models use the thermostat differently.

The Micro uses the thermostat to control water temperature.

The iX measures the water temperature separately and uses the thermostat as a electrical connection and safety cut-off.
When the iX is used without the Display module, it functions precisely the same as the Micro except that it is a full-power module.

The Display module communicates with the iX to show the temperature and some parameters on a 3.5” touch LCD. The display can also connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot to enable remote monitoring and setup via the APP.


Efficcient MPPT

All our models have MPPT [Wiki]. MPPT enables the Pi²R to extract power more efficiently out of the PV panels by adapting the intake power to the current weather conditions.


Advantages above traditional solar geysers:

  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Water tank does not have to be outside on the roof
  • Can switch off when water is warm enough
  • No water loss due to overheating
  • No circulating water or anti-freeze
  • Less losses due to circulation
  • Panels and geyser can be far apart
  • Less plumbing issues
  • Less maintenance
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